Let me whip your words into shape

A Trustworthy Partner

Trusting an editor with your work is no easy feat; it requires humility, vulnerability, and strength. I

am always honored when a creator entrusts me with their work, and endeavor to provide sensitive,

helpful, constructive edits – and plenty of praise, too!

Whether you're looking for line edits to catch any mechanical errors before your article hits the web

or you feel your manuscript needs a full developmental edit before it's ready to be shared, I'm here to help.

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Developmental Editing

  • Comprehensive in-document edits with a focus on content, flow, style, and narrative continuity

  • 1-2 page edit letter covering big-picture suggestions for content improvement

  • Consistent contact via email or Zoom

  • A discount on future line editing work


Line Editing

  • Comprehensive in-document edits focusing on mechanics: spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.

  • 1-page edit letter discussing any content suggestions encountered along the way

  • Consistent contact via email or Zoom

  • A discount on future editing work

Copy Editing

  • ​Deep working knowledge of AP Style and journalistic ethics​

  • Lifestyle and branded content editing

    • To see clips of this work, click here.​