Out Of Content Ideas? 5 Foolproof Posts You Can Write Today

As a full-time creative content writer, there are many days when I don't put the "creative" in "creative content writer." After all, I'm only human, and while I'm passionate about the work I do and the people I do it for, sometimes the well just runs dry.

If you can relate, or if you're just stumped and looking for some fresh content ideas, here are my top 5 content ideas for burnt-out creatives, writers with no ideas, or anyone who's in the mood to tell a story but isn't sure what to share.

5. A Tough-Times Story

When was the last time you talked about your failures? I'd argue sharing those stories can be even more powerful than talking about the times everything was sunshine and roses. Talk about how your first business failed. Discuss what you learned the first time you got fired. Share the moment you felt like everything in your world was falling apart...and how you kept going.

4. Feedback that Changed You

As Mr. Rogers said, there are people throughout our lives who have loved us into being. Celebrate them by sharing their wisdom, their passion, and the words they said to you that kept you going down the right path when you needed it – or steered you off the wrong one when you needed that more.

3. Expertise Your Audience Will Love

If you want to add value to your niche, this is an amazing way to do it (see: why I'm writing this post!). I believe in information accessibility – so if you know something, share it! Whether it's content-writing tips, coding insights, news rundowns, or something totally off-the-wall I could never dream of covering here, share it!

2. Simple, Encouraging Words

Maybe your LinkedIn feed is inundated with internship or job announcements but you can't stop thinking about all the young people who didn't make the cut. Maybe your company's Twitter feed is full of folks feeling like your industry is falling apart. Whatever the scenario, we all need a little help sometimes, and if you're in a position to uplift and encourage those around you, I will always urge you to take that opportunity. You never know what will make someone's day as they're scrolling through their feed.

1. Authenticity, Always

This last one is less of a specific content idea and more of a general rule: Authenticity always rules. If you are genuine, passionate, and real about whatever it is you're writing – whether for yourself, a client, or your company – people will pick up on it and it will show in your engagement. It might not be today. Or tomorrow. But it WILL show.

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