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Ghostwritten Content

If you've ever thought "I'd love to write that, but I have no clue what to say," then you're in the right place. Entrepreneurs, SMBs, and PR firms are just some of the many people I've been honored to serve with my writing skills. 


I take your skills and expertise and make them shine through my creative, compelling articles. The best part? The content is 100% original and 100% yours!

Worried about your IP? I will happily sign an NDA or any other agreement to give you peace of mind. That's part of why I only have a few examples to show you: my clients' privacy is my priority. 

White Papers and Case Studies

White papers and case studies are the unsung heroes of advertising. How else can you demonstrate your immense impact in only a few pages?


Whether you have all the interviews and information and just need someone to make it make sense, or you're looking for someone to add this info to your arsenal from start to finish, I've got your back.

Landing + Web Page Copy

Need content that converts, excites, and sets the tone for your product or business? I've been writing that for years! Plus, I'll work with your UX, design, and/or product teams if you need a helping hand merging design with excellent content. 

Email Newsletters

Whether you're promoting a business, an event, your members and employees, or something the world has never seen before, I'll craft copy and subject lines that will be too irresistible to send to spam.

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My name is Amanda Lien.

I believe that your stories matter, that the world is better when equity and diversity are top of mind, and that people are at the heart of everything. Looking for someone to tell your story, your way? Let's chat.

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